About BC Watch Repair:

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Let’s start at the beginning.

About the owner; Mohamed Bushruyeh:

My six siblings and I were born in Tehran Iran, where our parents operated a family business in the cabinet industry, specializing in kitchens.

I expanded into fabricating out of iron. From there, I became skilled in welding and graduated into drawing, engraving, wood and iron painting, glassing, arts, hose painting, lathe machine working, and even into farming. My military background was in dismantling live bombs while in the line of fire.

After my military career, I relocated to Canada and eventually made my way to Vancouver, B.C. where I met my lovely wife, Nikoleta, and settled into a peaceful and satisfying life on the West Coast.

My passion for working with my hands also extends into the kitchen where I make yogurt, butter and cheese. and create interesting dishes in a variety of cuisines. I am just as comfortable in sewing as I am in fabricating mechanical parts with a simple hand tool or with a lathe machine.

Over the years, I also became interested in fabricating and designing jewellery, and today, am a skilled jeweller, custom making unique jewellery from stunning necklaces to beautiful earrings, to one-of-a kind breathtaking watches. Please visit my gallery for samples of my work.

I evolved into the watch business because it is a challenge to repair or replace the most complex watch or clock movement; I get immense satisfaction in taking a watch or clock that is in need of repair and completely recondition it to look brand new.

Because of my past skills, I am adept in fabricating and repairing anything with a steady hand, from minor watch repairs such as battery changing, micro welding, crystal fitting, band sizing to complete restoration of all watches. We work with gold, silver, chrome plating, and electric engraving on wristwatches, pocket watch cases, custom jewellery, and any other items you wish to be engraved, including leather.

We repair all makes of vintage, antique, and luxury wristwatches, pendant watches, pocket watches, standard clocks, cuckoo clocks, grandfather clocks, and mantle clocks.

We stock a large inventory of watch and clock parts, but if they are not available or impossible to find, we will custom make most watch or clock parts, no matter how intricate a mechanism, in order to restore the piece to a fine tuned, working condition that looks brand new.

“We have yet to find a watch or clock that we cannot recondition or repair.”

Sincerely, Mohamed Bushruyeh

BC Watch Repair